In the Race...

... to mechanization,

a long tradition of technology suddenly veered Left.
Synthetic quartz crystals and robot-made plastic gears feed the hunger of cheap merchandisers. But there still remains an industry from centuries of human-designed, hand-assembled precision machines.
Highly complex, fascinating, and accurate.
Hundreds of years old, and rooted in the intricate workings of Medaeval God-Universe philosophy, these are Real Machines, superior in all ways...

Glycine Airman
Fake Rolex - HIGH Grade
Oris Chronograph (Valjoux)
LeJour Chronograph (Valjoux)
Panerai Luminor GMT 2012 (fake Panerai, fake Valjoux 7750)
Zenith Chronomaster (El Primero)
Robert Cart
Hamilton Military
Russian Pilot's Chronograph

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