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Essential plates of the Swiss ETA 2836 base calibre. The auto-winding weighted rotor is pictured at top.

Fake Rolex Facts

Submariner, 2005 Edition

Far up-river from Bangkok, while enjoying a huge Thai seafood & fish banquet at the water's edge, I asked one of my Thai-Chinese uncles if I could see his [very real] Rolex Submariner. He passed it over, I looked at the bracelet, sure enough - the links were hollow.

Until 2005, the links I had seen on fake Submariners were solid. "Solid is good, right?" Well, no. The real Rolex Oyster bracelet uses hollow links down the center, while the fakes have typically used solid. It's a small detail you'd miss unless you could hold the watch in your own hands and look carefully.

Enter the 2005 "Fauxlex" Submariner: So accurate in every way, even down to the hollow bracelet links. This is not an insignificant detail: Hollow links require many steps in manufacture. They have tubes inserted at the ends, to hold the link pins in place to prevent the bracelet from bunching-up.


Rolex Detail

Check it out - This watch lives up to the requirements outlined in the spot-a-fake guide, more than any other fake Rolex I've seen. It's just amazing. The bracelet is so crisp, so snug, and the diver's extension just so accurate - this is a watch I'd wear into the Rolex dealer's without any hesitation. The bezel turns like a precision Swiss gear. The sapphire crystal is perfectly set, the date magnifier dead-on center and perfectly lined up with super crisp date display. The watch dial detail is just a joy to look at under the eye loupe. The hands are perfect and sharp. I just can't fault this watch.


The Watch Guts

The most unrealistic link in this watch, ironically, is the Swiss ETA movement - Gold plated, 25 jewels, bi-directional winding. This is the only part of the watch that's a dead giveaway for not being true Rolex. Even so, this is an excellent movement, used by lots of Swiss watch companies such as TAG, Oris, and many others.



Swiss watch manufacturers using ETA base calibres


This watch is not for sale.