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from Asia Travels: Spring 2007

Do not buy counterfeit / replica watches over the internet. Do not ask me where to buy any counterfeit watches. I do not sell these watches. These pages are here to show you (A) how convincing the fake high-end watches have become and (B) that you should not buy any high-end watch from someone you do not know or trust.

Rolex GMT Master 2007

I came upon this Rolex GMT Master during my travels in 2007. Watch out for the stacking order of the hands! The real Rolex has the 24-hour hand in between the other two. I was stunned to find, after reviewing these photos, that I had missed this detail in the newest fake one: Here, the 24-hour hand is rightly positioned between the hour and minute hand! So now the fakers have overcome one of the telltale signs that used to give away the GMT and Explorer-2 models...

Counterfeit Rolex GMT Master - note the correct stacking order of the hands.


This Rolex GMT Master uses an ETA Swiss movement. Crystal is synthetic sapphire, case and bracelet are all-stainless.

Counterfeit Rolex GMT Master