M6 Spot Metering

Selective Metering with Leica's Spot


I reduced the area of the metering spot on an M6. The new pattern is half the size of the original.


The smaller pattern means one stop less light for the meter. Not a problem until you hit the very low end of the meter's sensitivity range. I have seen the meter drop out in really dark surroundings (it's an early version). The M6 meter will drop out at some low light point, and doing this spot reduction just takes you one stop closer to that point.

Don't use a felt-tip marker (like a "Sharpie") to do this. If you use a wide angle lens (the Super Angulon), you will get some oblique reflection from the corners in the highest contrast situations, and this could throw you off. Sharpie ink is black but it's also glossy at oblique angles.

Just reduce the size of the dot by filling-in the edges until it's half the original size. You'll know, when the light meter reads exactly one stop down. So when using the camera just set the film speed dial one stop faster.

(Yes, you can modify your Super Angulon to meter on the M6.)

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